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Creating an Effective Home Marketing Plan

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While some agents may put an ad of your home in the local paper and list it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), there are many additional steps that should be taken to effectively market your home enabling a quick sale at the best price. A devoted REALTOR® will actively market your house using at least a few of the following methods:

  1. Advertising in the MLS

    Advertising your listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is imperative in any marketing plan! It is typically the first place your agent will begin marketing your house and most often directly responsible for the sale of your house. Years ago, it was used as a medium for agents to market homes to buyers agents, however, with the internet evolving it is now available for buyers to search themselves on many real estate websites.

  2. For Sale Sign in Yard with Brochure Box

    For sale signs with professionally designed brochures displayed in a brochure box in your front yard is also essential. This is an inexpensive way to ensure all passersby’s get a chance to notice your house.

  3. Prominent Advertising on Your Agent’s Website

    While the MLS is available for buyers to search it is of utmost importance your house also be prominently featured within your agent’s website. While your house is not likely the only listing your agent features you may want to kindly suggest they rotate each listing from the “featured properties” page to the homepage. The added exposure just may help you sell more quickly and your agent will likely appreciate your interest to help.

  4. Advertising in Local and/or National Newspapers

    Advertising in newspapers is considered traditional advertising and continues to provide REALTORS® an opportunity to market listings. The downside is the potential cost, especially on Sundays, and rarely results in a sale. It is advisable to request your agent put more effort into other marketing avenues instead.

    Advertising in Real Estate Magazines

    Many specialty real estate magazines exist for the purpose of marketing listings as well. Most often, these publications feature high end homes. However, just as with newspaper ads they rarely produce qualified leads or end in a sale. While you may like seeing your house marketed in this manner a better option would be to opt for additional website marketing.

  5. Holding Open Houses

    There are two types of open houses. One if for the public and generally are held on Sunday afternoons. The other is for agents.

    Ordinarily, public open houses don’t result in the sale of a house either. Part of the reason public open houses have failed to lead to sales in the past is the lack of visitors. There are two things that can and should be done to promote the open house and persuade buyers to actually visit.

    The first of these is website and search engine marketing. Your agent could easily display an invitation to the open house on the homepage of their website a week prior to the event. Additionally, using online ad programs such as Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google AdWords to further advertise the open house will help draw people at a fraction of the cost of most newspaper ads.

    An ad by itself is not likely to draw in a large crowd but the promise of something special to eat will always win over a discerning buyer. This is the second way to increase visitors at your open house. Help your agent prepare a menu of items to attract larger crowds of people.

    However, having a public open house is not as likely to bring in many serious buyers as a Broker open house. Broker open houses are held for agents instead of the general public. Since agents viewing your home during a Broker open house already have pre-qualified buyers your chances of selling are heightened.

  6. Providing Buyer Feedback

    While this is not technically marketing it is a valuable tool to use to help make your home more marketable. Most agents will leave their business card on a kitchen counter or table after a showing to offer buyer feedback to your agent. Your agent will then gather all cards from you at least once each week. After calling each buyers agent your REALTOR® may provide suggestions to help improve your homes appearance. Discerning buyers will likely disclose their likes and dislikes about your home. These details are infinitely important to the sale of your house.